Thursday, January 19, 2012


Girls Mad About Zelda Tattoo

Girls are particular about the tattoo they showcase on their body. Zelda tattoos are particularly popular amongst the fashion lovers. A Zelda tattoo loving chick would showcase a tattoo right from lower back, hand, neck and what not. The colorful versions of the art work have made it a popular design amongst one and all in seemingly no time at all.

The simple and effective design of the tattoo portraying power girls have made it prime amongst the young girls. They often jazz up their body with variants of tattoo.

  1. SuicideGirls is a website which contains photos of goth, punk and indie-styled young women (although styles reminiscent of the 1940s and ’50s pin-up models are also incorporated) who are known as the “Suicide Girls”. It is a new style which became very popular. It seems that this is a new trend and going through adds, because just seeing what people are looking for can be interesting. Specially the personal adds, it was an interesting thing to share with you this I stumbled upon.

  1. This latest gem of an ad asks for suicide girls (in case you aren’t in the know, these are goth-, punk-, indie- and pin-up-style ladies) to apply for jobs, presumably as waitstaff, at a not-yet-opened fetish-themed bar. The ad is sorely lacking in details, but asks interested females to send at least one photograph of themselves, along with their written reason(s) why they feel they are a good fit for the gig. Not knowing precisely what the job entails is annoying, but a fairly common theme in CL ads. And this ad sorta leaves you wondering whether this bar thing is actually going to happen, or is one of those scenarios where well-meaning girls show up for a job interview and end up in the back of a warehouse with a mattress, a digital recorder, and a greasy guy with a Brooklyn accent named Sonny asking them to let him see the goods, already! It seems to be legit-ish, enough? What is your opinion?

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